Pluto is in the 7th House, Gemini.  S.Node in the 11th House Scorpio, ruled by same Pluto. S.Node is Full phase inconjunct Pluto. N.Node 5th House Taurus. Ruler Venus is in the 8th House Leo. Mother Teressa’s Soul is at the beginning of the 1st stage Spiritual evolutionary condition.

Mother Teressa

Pluto in the 7th House reflects that a new evolutionary cycle is initiating, in which the Soul has desired to evolve into new ways of giving to others, listening to others, and relating to others in general. The intention of this new cycle is to reach a state of balance between self and other people. The new evolutionary cycle has become necessary because the pre-existing ways of giving/listening/relating to others are outmoded or have reached a point of stagnation, which has implied a limitation for the evolving desires in general, and desires associates with relationships. The pre-existing ways of giving to others have been out of balance in some ways.

With Pluto being in Gemini, some of these prior ways of giving to other people have been actualized through the vehicle of knowledge forms, thought, and education. With the South Node in the 11th House, some of these ways of giving occurred in the context of religious communities advocated to education of children at schools or as missionaries oriented to indoctrinating the ‘pagans’ for salvation of their Souls from a Christian point of view as an example. Gemini correlates with manmade laws and beliefs, versus Sagittarius correlation with natural laws. Gemini correlates with opinions, and Sagittarius correlates with truth. Thus, Teressa’s Soul has been delivering intellectual constructions to other people, which are based on systems of manmade, artificial ideas about overall reality, which, then, have in some ways conditioned and limited the desires and needs of giving to others. In other words, giving to others based in her Soul’s pre-existing ideas of what the others need, these ideas being, at some past lifetimes of Teressa coming into the current life, a reflection of religious precepts, or intellectual systems of other types.

With the South Node being in Scorpio, in the 11th House, ruled by Pluto 7th House Gemini, Teressa has desired to liberate from pre-existing intellectual constructions that have limited the necessary objectivity the Soul desires to learn. With the South Node in Scorpio, a series of many lifetimes which have been intensely conflictive and cataclysmic for the Soul reveals that the Soul has attempted in its evolutionary past, to control and resist the necessary liberation. The resistance has been the reason for the intensity of the conflicts, confrontations, crises, and traumas (SN Scorpio in the Aquarius House).

The resistance has operated through the same types of manmade beliefs as the basis for rationalizations, in which all the emotional insecurity (Pluto 7th House, SN Scorpio 11th House), has been detached from or suppressed and controlled, by means of a high development of the intellectual and mental corpuses which have at same time have conditioned her Soul’s ways of relating to herself and others, and the way in which her Soul has understood the nature of its own desires and motivations. Thus, the Soul has desired to be needed by others because of her intellectual and teaching capacities, and to identify with these roles as a ways to maintain her own fundamental alienation and subconscious insecurity.

Pluto S.N. is in the 1st House Capricorn, and Saturn, its ruler, is in the 4th House Taurus, Rx. Thus, the Soul has an inherent fundamental need and orientation to develop emotional security and self-reliance, which, relative to patriarchal conditioning, has not been met at least along many lifetimes within patriarchy, which have triggered the instinctual response to control and hold power, ie. intellectual power, in order to feel secure, and to project her/himself to types of roles of authority, or social leadership, or intellectual authority or power, which has created along many lifetimes an expansion and hypertrophy of the Soul’s thought function in order to gain a relative sense of security …. Of course this reaction to insecurity has implied a limitation in the ways her Soul has been knowing herself, and same time, an inner security that has the Soul lacks (Saturn Rx 4th House Taurus). With the SN being Scorpio, the intellectual constructions have been connected to vast arrangements dealing with overall reality, and with society, and thus oriented to preserve patriarchal order or existing distribution of forces at social or political level.

Same symbols reflect thought productions that have an impact on many people, and also, intense and massive conflicts and confrontations based on ideas, or religions, ie. wars in which many people have died. … Pluto 7th House Gemini, South Node in the 11th House Scorpio … South Node of Pluto in the 1st House, ruler Saturn in the 4th House Taurus …. Uranus 1st House Capricorn conjunct south node of Pluto, Mars 9th House Virgo, Pluto conjunct the north node of Mars in the 7th House Gemini, Pluto being ruled by Mercury 9th House Virgo, which squares the 7th House Pluto within the First Quarter phase. The 1st House Uranus is Full Phase opposition to Neptune 7th House Cancer, and Neptune/Uranus forms a T-square with Jupiter at the focal point, in 9th House Libra, conjunct the south node of Mars in Libra 10th House.

The Soul has created this type of cataclysmic experiences, in order to liberate from the impact of intellectual, philosophical and religious conditioning, and from any ecumenism that is not based on essential equality of peoples. (With Pluto being Gemini, these symbols can relate to artificial wars created by established powers in order to control commercial trade routes, such as the crusades). Thus, the Soul has needed to experience the impact of such conditioning between peoples, and between civilizations, in order to give up expectations linked with indoctrination, teaching, or any civilizatory or religious project.

Given that the Soul is now at the 1st stage spiritual state, the liberation from consensus belief systems would have occurred in past lifetimes during the individuation process. Why, then, did her Soul need to gravitate and immerse herself in the Catholic church in the current lifetime? With the South Node being in Scorpio, this would have occurred because of unresolved karma dictating the need to relive and recreate past life experiences in which the dynamics of giving conditioned by beliefs existed. The limitation implied in the existing ways of giving manifested in current life time as the crisis in faith, ie. not knowing what to believe, experiencing lack of meaning, this leading her to sustain a set of beliefs in which the Soul feels that doesn’t believe … this being rationalized from the point of view of masochistic doctrines dictating the need to experience pain and suffering in order to evolve or to know God. It has also manifested in current lifetime in a conscious orientation to give ultimate value and meaning to the work done for others not because of those others themselves-their Souls-but because of an intellectual construction in which those Souls were being brought closer to God (ie. the Soul seems not to know at a conscious level or perceive that those Soul have value in themselves, and further, that those Souls “are” God. Thus, the Soul created hype-rationalizations which filter the nature and purpose of the relationships, and allows to perpetuate a detachment from the inner emotional states originating in the experiences of massive loss of relationships.

”Where is my faith? Even deep down … there is nothing but emptiness and darkness … If there be God—please forgive me. When I try to raise my thoughts to Heaven, there is such convicting emptiness that those very thoughts return like sharp knives and hurt my very soul … How painful is this unknown pain—I have no Faith. Repulsed, empty, no faith, no love, no zeal, … What do I labor for? If there be no God, there can be no soul. If there be no soul then, Jesus, You also are not true.”

Thus, Pluto 7th House being in Gemini reflects a duplicity in which the Soul continues to teach or to sustain in face of others, that which inwardly does not believe in, in which the not believing is rationalized as a necessary suffering.

Along the individuation stages of her Soul’s evolution, a rebellion has occurred against the consensus beliefs or ways of thought (South Node 11th House ruled by Pluto Gemini). However, the main orientation to give to others based on intellectual constructions has been kept in place. Thus, the intellectual constructions have evolved, but the limitation implied in listening to others and giving to others through the intellectual filter has remained. Along the individuation process, the Soul has given to others intellectual knowledge promoting rebellion and liberation from established powers, and has induced collective attempts to change the status quo and confrontations with the existing ways of thinking within the consensus of those societies. These attempts have been the source of massive social conflict.

This orientation and compulsion to define Self through a social, external role, and the consequences of the ways in which this compulsion has been acted out in the past, is a source of deep inner guilt (Libra on the 10th House cusp, ruler Venus in the 8th House, square Saturn 4th House). This inner guilt has not been elaborated or resolved, and has created an additional reason for the difficulty to penetrate or plug into the emotional body (… she said something like ‘I have done my work, and have not cried even one tear’ …).

The Pluto polarity point is in the 1st House Sagittarius, reflecting the need to embrace a new cycle of evolution based on independent and self-experiential discovery, in order to create a new spiritual understanding of overall reality and life. The new cycle would demand experiences of withdrawal from mundane or social conditions in order to seek absorption in nature, for new insights, intuitions and seeds to penetrate her consciousness, providing new perspectives based on an inner experience of meaning, ie. non-dependent on any intellectual constructions, or in external roles defined by or through other people, or in ‘being needed’ by others. With the North Node in the 5th House Taurus, and its planetary ruler, Venus, being in the 8th House Leo, the Soul desires to create from within a totally new way of relating to self, in which the Soul finds the courage to penetrate the nature of its own emotional dynamics and compulsions, and discover and actualize a sense of purpose and motivation deriving from the ongoing self-discovery and experiential relationship with ‘truth’, instead of being dependent on pre-existing intellectual constructions, and the associated orientation to define self through others. It implies creating the necessary new experiences, promoting new perspectives, understanding, and direct knowledge, leading to new ways of relating to self, in which the Soul could discover from within the experience of love, and reformulate the relationship with self through the experience of love, which will then allow an evolution in the ways the Soul experiences relationships with other people, and how the Soul listens to other people and is able to identify what they objectively need according to their own reality, instead of projecting constructed beliefs and her own rationalized desires for atonement (the story of not giving painkillers to people who needed … “She felt that suffering would bring people closer to Jesus” … ‘the most beautiful gift for a person that he can participate in the sufferings of Christ’).