Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio reflects desires to linearly understand the nature of emotional life, and of all psychological dynamics that are the fundamental basis defining the bottom-line security of the individual. Mercury in the 8th House desires to know the reasons, intentions, motivations, desires and agendas that define him or herself, and other people.  Mercury in this House or Sign has desired to acquire certainty or evidence through the intellectual linear function-to know what is, and what is not-and thus, is not interested in speculations, intellectual musings or digressions, or mere possibilities. In evolutionary terms, this need is rooted on past-lives experiences of having relied in assumptions, opinions or intellectual constructions which demonstrated not to be true, in ways which resulted in intense emotional consequences for the individual. For these reasons, Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio reflects, at the same time, that a metamorphosis is underway of the prior intellectual orientation of the individual, and the resulting intellectual constructions, because the individual has needed to linearly know what is real, and what is not real, instead of needing to rely on opinions or systems of ideas whose validity has not been checked and proven by self-experience.

Some individuals with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio have associated their psychological or emotional security with information of thought forms in which they have been overly invested. Many times, the role the individual has given to these constructions has implied a limitation in evolutionary terms, because of the resistance to change the existing intellectual focus-a resistance based on the emotional security these constructions represented. Because of this resistance, the Soul has programmed experiences or events in which the nature of the existing ideas or intellectual orientation has been tested, and harshly contrasted with reality.  In midst of these types of events, the individual has felt deeply insecure, and this insecurity has induced a need to gain a more penetrating understanding of the nature of things, beyond the pre-existing illusions, opinions, or beliefs. Thus, the intellectual orientation of the individual with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio is the result of such types of metamorphic events, in which the pre-existing constructions have been challenged, and changed or fundamentally removed because of the intensity of their confrontation with reality.  For this reasons, the individual with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio feels that he or she cannot intellectually accept anything he or she has not proved to be valid or true by means of his or her experience.

At the same time, and given that the current intellectual orientation, and resulting constructions, have been created as a response to the insecurity and uncertainty, Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio will be highly invested in whatever he or she has already established as valid or true. This will generally translate into a fixity in the intellectual orientation, and resulting constructions, and a resistance to change them unless the need for the change is once again proved through the intensity of ongoing experiences or events. Because of the nature of evolution, every time the individual becomes too invested on his or her constructions, as a source of emotional and psychological security, he or she will create a situation in which these constructions or overall orientation will need to be removed or fundamentally altered. This need will be induced through intense inner and outer confrontations with reality or with other people who represent or possess a deeper or more sophisticated knowledge or intellectual capacities than those of the individual.

In general terms, it is not enough for Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio to simply think in this or that way. Instead, these individuals have desired or needed to know why they think the way they think, and what their basis are to have their reality arranged in the way they have it. This equals a need to know what the underlying desires are that have determined their intellectual orientation, and resulting constructions. This evolutionary need creates a natural psychological orientation, and an attraction to forms of knowledge that can serve them to understand how they are psychologically constructed, and the nature of their desires, motivations, and dynamics. This orientation creates a deep and penetrating intellect, which allows them to intensely focus and concentrate on whatever inner dynamic they desire to understand. In turn, this translates into a capacity to focus on any subject or type of knowledge that they are attracted to or which represents evolutionary potential, in order to osmose such knowledge into their Souls.

The communication patterns of these individuals are also a reflection of these dynamics.  Generally, Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio is not interested in trivial or superficial conversation, and desires to go right to the point. Neither are these individuals interested in compromising or settling on the subjects they discuss, but instead, they desire to simply know what is, and what is not, in terms which can be quite radical or ‘black and white’. They are naturally resistant to accept the opinions or points of view of other people, unless these opinions or points of view can stand the test of reality-or their understanding of reality, ie. what they already know or think.


Because these individuals have developed a capacity to intellectually penetrate their own emotional and psychological dynamics, they are also capable to the same degree to penetrate the emotional and psychological dynamics of others. These individuals are not willing to accept whatever information or opinion from other, and they desire to know why this information or opinion. This is especially true when such information or opinion is relevant for what they perceive as connected with their security, and in this scenario Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio can become an extremely inquisitive psychoanalyst or interrogator who will ask the same questions many times, in different ways, in order to find out what is true and what is not in the information received, and the reasons for this information. Many people can feel uncomfortable with this approach of the individual with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio, because most people are not used to analyzing themselves with such intensity, and may not be aware that many of their opinions or beliefs are only opinions and beliefs, and can feel their own intellectual security threatened by such types of inquiry or confrontation. Some individuals with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio can communicate in ways which are quite psychologically violent when they feel their security is at stake. And, of course, some of these individuals can feel that their security is threatened when their opinions or points of view are confronted by others, which can trigger a compulsive need to defend their intellectual constructions. They can also feel threatened when their motivations, desires or agendas, are analyzed by others in direct ways, or in indirect ways, as when their intellectual constructions are scrutinized. These can also trigger a defensive reaction, by means of defending their constructions, and/or by concealing the basis of what they chose to present to others about their own thoughts. In order to defend their own points of view, many times Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio will identify and focus on the weakest logical link in the argument, opinion, or overall intellectual organization of the other person, in order to reject their opinion or argument and preserve their own security positions. This implies an obvious limitation, because the individual thus prevents him or herself from considering information which can be useful or that can represent evolutionary potential for him or herself. The fact that an argument or system of ideas has weak logical links does not mean that it is not valid in its essence. The individual with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio can be quite manipulative, in order to conceal their own private thoughts about whatever subject, and mislead the other person so their own constructions, desires, or agendas, are not exposed, with an implied duplicity. In some cases, the dynamic of concealment can create a situation in which the individual with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio hides his or her inner thoughts even from him or herself, to a point in which he or she becomes unable to acknowledge his own inner thoughts, dynamics, or agendas, even for him of herself.

Individuals with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio have desired to understand the depths of their Soul. Many of these individuals are natural psychologists, because they have had the courage to psychoanalyze themselves and to ask themselves bottom-line questions about the meaning of life, death, suffering, etc. Some of these individuals have desired to learn and absorb systems of knowledge within the fields of psychology, metaphysics, or occultism, in ways which are relative to their evolutionary condition. Given that the knowledge they possess has been acquired through the effort and pain of their own metamorphoses, and given that that most people operate at an intellectual level which they can perceive to be superficial, false, or illusory, these individuals with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio are not willing to share their knowledge with others unless their seriousness, reliability and the motivations of thee others is proven.

Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio can also manifest interest in topics or areas of knowledge which are considered taboo from the point of view of culture or society, which reflects the intention to metamorphose and evolve beyond the limitation implied by the taboo. In some cases, Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio correlates also with the need or desires to understand the nature of evil.

Because Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio can perceive or understand the reasons why others think the way the think, which are ultimately of emotional nature, these individuals are capable to emit messages which directly impact on the weak points in the emotional or psychological make-up of these others, if they feel threatened in any way, creating an intense effect, or wounds, with just a few words or signals. Some individuals with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio have an overall tendency to use their knowledge to manipulate others psychologically and emotionally, for different reasons.


In some cases, Mercury in the 8th House can manifest a resistance to penetrate the own psychological or emotional dynamics, operating through rationalization, by being always distracted, or always talking or communicating with others, or through avoidance or denial, which will also intensify the resistance to change the existing points of view, opinions, and intellectual orientation of the individual. When such dynamic exists, it is generally a manifestation of the intensity of crises or deep unresolved traumas-a reflection of the archetypical inconjunct within the natural Zodiac between Gemini and Scorpio, the natural trine between Gemini and Aquarius, the inconjunct between Aquarius and Virgo and the square between Scorpio and Aquarius.

In order to promote its evolution, Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio needs to embrace its polarity: the 2nd House or Taurus. This polarity demands to understand that the emotional and psychological security the individual has associated with whatever set of ideas or ways of intellectually organizing reality, lies within the Soul, and that this or that set of ideas is only a symbol representing the security the individual desires and needs. The 2nd House or Taurus polarity demands the individual to realize that the overinvestment on any intellectual system or ideas is based on unresolved emotional issues, or wounds, which need to be addressed directly, instead of concealing the nature of these wounds or issues through intellectual dynamics. It further demands the individual to embrace a fundamental sense of self-reliance, instead of needing to manipulate others based on his or her unresolved emotional needs and fears. Further, the Taurus or 2nd House polarity requires a willingness to make the intellectual constructions more simple or basic, which can occur through understanding that unnecessary complexity in the mental forms is a result of the overinvestment on intellectual forms because of unresolved emotional needs. In order to achieve these means, the individual needs to learn to intently listen within him or herself, and to feel, beneath any intellectual constructions. Thus, Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio will be able to affect its metamorphoses and penetrate deeper into the Soul in order to acquire the knowledge it desires.

Famous people with Mercury in the 8th House or Scorpio

Baruch Spinoza

Edgar Cayce

Hannah Arendt

Ronald Laing

Johan Sebastian Bach